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Custom service

Our company always pays attention to customer value, focuses on goals, works pragmatically, and constantly innovates, with precision quality, efficient and efficient delivery speed and perfect quality after-sales service. We can provide customers with standard solar lighting products, and also customize non-standard products according to customers' actual needs.

After years of development, the company has cultivated a capable technical research and development team, led by professor-level senior engineers and senior engineers, and gathered more than 30 high-level energy, electronics and lighting engineers, which can meet customers' various customized requirements for products.

service idea 

We are innovative and efficient. Xinzhi Biological adopts the advanced modular design concept of modeling and sharing, which can effectively shorten the design time, ensure the timeliness of product production, greatly improve product stability and reliability, and reduce customer maintenance costs.

Scope of non-standard product customization

Home lighting solutions, farm lighting solutions, park lighting solutions, road lighting solutions, playground lighting solutions, private courtyard lighting solutions, rural lighting solutions, outdoor lighting solutions, etc.

Custom process

Users submit lighting requirements - customer service pre-sale communication - signing cooperation contracts - designing exclusive solutions for customers - customer payment - customized production products - equipment commissioning, performance confirmation - customer installation and acceptance

After-sales service commitment

Our company owns all independent intellectual property rights and design details of all non-standard products. The company promises to solve the technical and application needs of users for products in real time, and provide round-the-clock and timely technical consulting services and problem solving mechanism for technical problems of some vulnerable components or spare parts.

Note: Due to extreme working conditions, improper manual operation, use beyond the scope, and intentional damage, it is not covered by the warranty.