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Solar street light

Solar street light Smart street light-YH100101


Polycrystalline silicon solar panel: imported silicon chip, photoelectric conversion rate up to 19%, service life of 25 years

Maintenance-free battery: portable and easy to install, long service life, built-in battery protection device, real-time detection of battery status, temperature, overcharge, over-discharge protection, etc

LED light source: imported brand chip, overall lighting efficiency 110LM/W, waterproof grade IP65, light source life up to 50000H, and light attenuation less than 20% in 6 years.

Intelligent controller: Yinghao patented brand, with overload, short circuit, reverse discharge, reverse connection, overcharge, lightning protection and other protection functions. Comprehensive waterproof performance, applicable to a variety of harsh environments

Hardware lamp pole: bright and bright in color, hot-dip galvanized, electrostatic powder spraying, smooth and beautiful in surface, no fading in 10 years, no rust in 15 years.

Hardware support: light hot galvanizing, 10 years without fading, 20 years without rusting, split combination installation, convenient and fast.

Solar Panelpolycrystalline 5V / 30W
Light Source91x0.5W LED
Color Temperature6000-7000K
BatteryLiFePO4 3.2V / 24000mAh
Charge Time4-6 hours
Illumination Time4-12 hours
Product Dimension300x210x60 mm
Used ForHome,courtyard,park, outdoor ,road etc