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Solar street lamp

Solar street lamp intelligent induction lamp-YH200103


As a kind of environmental protection and energy saving lighting method, solar street lamp is popular. As the name implies, it uses solar energy to charge the battery during the day and discharge the lamp source at night. It is simple, convenient, stable and reliable. Compared with the early days, the photovoltaic power generation rate and battery capacity and performance of solar street lamp have developed very excellent. Solar street lamp reports the following advantages.

Green and environmental protection

The ability to convert natural light energy into energy products, without any problems such as radiation, and without the need for complex and expensive equipment laying is also the main reason why the public is very willing to accept this product.

Easy installation

There is no need for complicated circuit setup, only need to make a cement base to fix the battery foot, the solar street lamp can be installed and used smoothly, and it can also adjust the layout according to the environment, saving a lot of human, material and financial resources.

Stable and safe

The solar street lamp has solved the problem well in this respect. It operates at 12-24 V low voltage and has no hidden dangers such as safety. It is stable and reliable.

High cost performance

Good quality solar modules can even guarantee power generation for more than 25 years, and are very durable. In addition, according to the data, solar street lamps can save more than 1 million electricity bills and maintenance costs such as circuit aging in about three years.