development history

  • 2020

    Our solar street lamp controller, solar LED insecticidal lamp, solar garden lamp, solar integrated street lamp and other series of new solar products, with multiple patents

  • 2019

    Obtained CQC, CCC, SIO-19001-2008, AAA credit certificate, lithium battery energy efficiency grade and other certifications issued by China Quality Certification Center.

  • 2018

    Our company has broken through the goal of producing 300,00 solar lighting products annually, covering 55 countries around the world, and the solar street lamp series products have won more users' trust

  • 2017

    Our company independently developed solar street lamp control software V1.0 and obtained the computer software copyright registration certificate of the National Copyright Administration

  • 2016

    The solar lithium circuit lamp has been successfully developed and has obtained 13 national patents for utility, invention and appearance. Become a manufacturer of solar lithium circuit lamps, set new standards for the innovative development of the industry.