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Installation and calibration of solar street lights

Industry information / 2023-08-04

Lamp pole calibration shared by solar street lamp manufacturers

Controller connection. Strictly follow the instructions of the controller for installation. The order is to connect the battery end first, then the load end (observe whether the light is on normally, otherwise check and replace the controller), and then connect the solar panel end (observe whether the light is off, and if it is off, it is normal. Some controllers have a delay function, and wait for three to five minutes to automatically turn off). During the connection process, pay attention to connecting the positive and negative correctly, Do not hold the positive and negative terminals of the battery board at the same time,. Cover the maintenance compartment door.

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Lamp pole calibration. After completing the above work, make overall adjustments to the light pole, with the pole end straight (viewed from both angles); At the same time, anti-corrosion treatment should be applied to the nuts and grease should be applied; Clean the dirt on the rod body and fix the label in the fixed position of the rod body.

Inspect the installed lamps as a whole, and the inspection contents mainly include: whether the lighting is normal, whether the direction of the battery board is correct, whether the lamp pole is vertical, the signs are complete, and whether the quantity is consistent.

Carry out Parametric statistics and experimental tests on the lights, record the data clearly, sort out and divide them after returning to the company, and complete the construction report at the same time. Archive the instructions, certificate of conformity, and other related attachments of the purchased parts.

The solar street lamp consists of the following parts: solar cell, battery, control inverter, light control and timer, and luminous body. Solar street lights are an automatically controlled working system, as long as the working mode of the system is set to automatically control the operation. Control mode 1 is generally divided into three types: light control start and light control close; Start and close timing control; Light control on, timing control off,

We usually choose this working mode, where the light is activated by sensing control when the sun setting value is set, and timing begins. Stop working when the timer reaches the set time. The solar cell of this system has two functions: 1. Charging the battery during the day; 2 Make a light controlled sensor and use RC components for charging and discharging. We usually use 18 watt or 36 watt low voltage lamps as light sources because their light efficiency is higher in the light source.

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