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Do solar lights need direct sunlight?Perhaps beyond your understanding

Industry information / 2023-07-16

Solar lights do not necessarily need to be exposed to sunlight before they can be used. Generally speaking, as long as there is light and a battery board, energy can be stored. However, the efficiency of the battery board in converting light energy into electrical energy is related to light intensity. The stronger the light, the higher the conversion rate. For this reason, the light is not as strong, and the battery panel will still supply power to the battery, but the conversion rate will be relatively small.

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It is recommended that during the process of purchasing solar lights, we inform the manufacturer of the specific weather conditions at the place of use, so that the manufacturer's professional technical personnel can configure solar lights that meet the usage needs.

In general, the capacity of the battery can ensure continuous rainy weather for 3 to 7 days. However, due to the improvement of science and technology, some manufacturers can also achieve a continuous one moon light. Therefore, we must not misunderstand solar lights.

Advantages of Solar Light

1. Energy conservation and environmental protection:

Solar lights use natural lighting to reduce electrical energy loss. And solar lights are pollution-free and radiation free, meeting the current concept of green environmental protection.

2. Safe and Durable:

Traditional lighting fixtures may have safety hazards due to factors such as construction quality, material aging, and power supply disruptions after energy conversion. The solar light does not use AC power, but instead uses a battery to absorb solar energy and convert low-voltage DC into light energy, which does not pose a safety hazard. Nowadays, the production technology of the vast majority of solar cell modules can ensure that the performance does not decrease over a decade, and solar cell modules can generate electricity for 25 years or even longer.

3. Low post maintenance costs:

The solar light is controlled by an intelligent controller, which can adjust the brightness of the main light according to the natural brightness of the sky and the brightness required by people in many environments within one day. In remote areas away from town, the cost of maintaining or repairing conventional power generation, street lighting, and other devices is relatively high. As long as solar lights undergo periodic inspections and require less maintenance work, their maintenance costs are much lower than those of conventional power generation systems.