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How to ensure the continuous lighting of solar street lamps?

Industry information / 2020-04-16

With the development of technology, the current street lamps are largely converted by solar photovoltaic, which can achieve energy-saving, safe and convenient effects. In addition, it is equipped with a solar street lamp controller, which can be controlled and displayed by a microprocessor. It uses high-quality, low-loss and long-life components to ensure its reliable performance, so that the solar street lamp system can work normally for a long time and reduce the maintenance cost of the system. So how to ensure the continuous lighting of solar street lamps?

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1.Placement of solar street lamp panel

The orientation and angle of solar panels should be correct. Many factories place solar panels horizontally to save time. In this case, the output power of solar panels will be reduced by 15% - 20%. If a layer of decoration is added to its surface, its output power will be reduced even more. The placement position of solar panels should be adjusted according to the local season, direct sunlight point and light angle, etc. The angle of solar panels directly affects the light at night, and dense trees and buildings should be avoided to prevent affecting its absorption of solar energy. At regular intervals, the leaves and other debris on the battery panel should be cleaned in time to prevent the heat island effect from causing damage to the battery panel.

2.Storage battery position

The solar battery is the core of the whole solar street lamp, which determines whether the solar street lamp can work for a longer time. Therefore, the storage battery should be placed in a ventilated, waterproof and anti-theft position. Under normal circumstances, the storage battery is generally placed in a buried box, while the buried box is generally placed in a specially built concrete pool next to the lamp pole. Currently, maintenance-free batteries are generally used, which are basically maintenance-free and very convenient. Some solar street lamps also put the battery in the battery box at the bottom of the lamp pole, which is convenient for disassembly. You can often check the charging and discharging conditions of the battery and whether the wiring is corroded. Although it is convenient for inspection and maintenance, regular disassembly has a certain impact on the service life of the battery.

3. The controller and optical control equipment shall be inspected and maintained frequently

There are three indicator lights on the solar street lamp controller to indicate its working status: idle light, charging light and discharge light. The corresponding working status can be checked according to the working status of the indicator light. In order to ensure the continuous operation of the solar street lamp lighting device, the controller and optical control equipment should be strictly monitored. To ensure the continuous operation of solar street lighting devices, check once a week.

In case of thunderstorm or windy weather, the battery panel shall be checked in time to see whether it is displaced, and whether there is water in the control room and battery room. If there is such situation, it shall be handled in time.

The above information about how to ensure the continuous lighting of solar street lamps is shared here. I hope this article will help you. If you have other questions about the solar street lamp scheme, you can contact me to discuss!

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